Truckers keep the world turning around!

Published: 20 March 2020

Truckers keep the world turning around!
HGV drivers are currently at the frontlines of the UK’s supplies, as well as across the world! Even more so than ever as supermarkets struggle to match the demand of consumers across the country. Many supermarket stores are seeing record breaking numbers of customers visit stores every day. It’s most likely you’ve seen this for yourself at local supermarkets, as customers queue, however long it may take to be sure they have the essentials in the coming weeks. Footage of the outrageous demand stores are facing is being shared on social media all over the world. Some customers have also taken to stockpiling goods, leading to consumer chaos across the country and many everyday goods that are usually easy to find becoming a rarity. To the point that some have taken to E-bay to bid on the goods they urgently need and sellers making profit from the current urgency of supply-and-demand.

Some supermarkets are trying to combat this practice, by only allowing their customers to buy 2 or 3 units per item. Meaning many more will be able to grab the goods they need before stock runs out. Speaking of stock, the requirement for supply and demand is now resting on the haulage and logistics firms. Members of the public have been praising lorry drivers, along with carers, nurses/doctors and retail workers for ensuring the general public’s needs during this difficult time continue to be met. At a time when some of these workers as “low-skilled”, they have now proven to be more essential than ever before. 

However, it must be said that thanks to truckers, people across the world who have an everyday routine that has been interrupted are still getting food and everyday essentials to survive through self-isolation in the midst of the outbreak. Whether it’s for food, medical supplies, cleaning products or clothing. Without hauliers doing their part, we would be in a much more challenging climate through the current crisis to find the everyday essentials required to survive. Doctors and nurses would have no medicine to recommend and supermarkets would be constantly out of stock on essentials. Officials and authorities have underestimated the urgency for haulage and logistics across the UK and failed to acknowledge the importance of ensuring the success and appeal of the haulage industry for future generations. In 2018, 78% of goods were moved by road across the UK. This shows the pivotal part each and every lorry driver has to play to ensure our way of life can remain the same.

Should interest in becoming a truck driver continue to fall, due to the considerable amount of restrictions and guidelines the Government put in place to challenge a haulier’s patience, what will become of the haulage industry as we know it today? An industry significant enough to ensure the continued supplies all over the world. is seeing a major spike for haulage work, reaching over 5,000 loads across the UK on Wednesday! This is the perfect opportunity to take advantage of our 14 day free trial offer if you are currently operating and need the extra work. We offer  support for all of your haulage needs. HGV drivers looking for backloads, there’s no better place to start! Give us a call on 0333 006 3266 today!
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