Trucks at festival in Whitchurch impress

Published: 13 June 2019

Trucks at festival in Whitchurch impress
Whitchurch’s annual truck show took place in the town last weekend, with plenty of truckers turning up to show their colourful paintjobs and unique or rare models of truck – with many eager members of the public enjoying the festival.

The event named Party on the Pitch is a family orientated truck show, which over the weekend had over 300 trucks booked in on site – with annual winners selected for the best paintjob on their truck as well as various other awards.

Whether it’s a truck or a van, as long as it has that unique flair it can be nominated for one of the many awards at the festival. Everyone has a chance for their vehicle to strut its stuff!

The awards are handed to trucks and vans, with a wide variety in themes and types of vehicle to give everyone a chance of winning a prize. Chris Newey took the award for first place, with his vehicle in the Forestry Truck category.

James Richardson and his daughter Jessica won an award for 1st place for the Customised Art Truck category. The Steve Ashley Memorial Trophy for the Best Trucks went to Ewan Schofield, Johnathan Riley, Jason Griffiths and David Abble.

The organiser for the event, Stuart Naginton spoke about the show once the festival came to an end: “Over 350 trucks on site, we’re just blown away! I wish we hadn’t closed bookings so early but we weren’t sure how the ground was going to fill at the top corner and didn’t want to be over full,
“Huge Credit to everyone who made the journey to be with us. I just wish we could give to awards out twice, because the standard was outstanding.”

You can catch the next event in Summer 2020, and even enter your truck for a category!
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