Tyres account for one tank of fuel in five – Michelin claims

Published: 08 November 2012

Tyres account for one tank of fuel in five – Michelin claims
In its latest information published to explain the new European tyre labeling regulation that has come into force, tyre manufacturer Michelin confirms the importance of choosing the correct tyre in terms of fuel savings.
Michelin claim that tyres can account for one tank of fuel being consumed out of every five tanks purchased.
Each rotation of a vehicle’s wheels deforms tyres as they come into contact with the road resulting in lost energy as they heat up.  Reducing this heat build-up makes it possible to lower fuel consumption and greenhouse gas emissions.
In comparing rolling resistance, Michelin claims that – over a distance of 40,000 plus kilometres – a vehicle fitted with A-rated tyres could return savings in excess of EUR300 in terms of reduced fuel costs compared with one equipped with G-rated tyres.
In the same publication, illustrating wet braking performance, Michelin reminds motorists that a car fitted with A-rated tyres and travelling at a speed of 80kms per hour can come to a stop some 16metres shorter than one fitted with F-rated tyres – a distance similar to the length of an articulated truck and trailer.

Source: HGVUK.com
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