UK begins trade talks across the globe

Published: 02 March 2020

UK begins trade talks across the globe
Simultaneously the UK is meeting with members of the European Commission as well as the US to negotiate terms of a future trade relationship. Despite the significant increase in Coronavirus cases and the additional task of facilitating appropriate facilities to handle the outbreak, the Government has remained focused on establishing partnerships in the wake of Brexit to secure businesses of the UK for future prosperity and growth.

The Prime Minister has pledged to the public that he will “drive a hard bargain” in talks and be sure to secure a deal to benefit both parties. Once again, the Government has gone on record and expressed that the NHS is “Not on the table” to reassure the public who were concerned that the US would bring their interest in the NHS resources into the negotiations. Last week, international trade secretary Liz Truss welcomed US Trade representative Robert Lighthizer as the negotiations were set to open.

Meanwhile, David Frost, the UK’s chief negotiator has arrived in Brussels to begin talks, with 100 advisors – some of whom work for the biggest industries within the UK. They are set to bring important topics to the table as part of negotiations, among those terms is truck driver’s cross-border access and the implications a deal disturbing borders could have for both parties as far as haulage, logistics and movement of goods are concerned.

The talks will be part of a much longer process, with meetings said to take place every two weeks until at least the summer later this year. The Prime Minister is insisting a deal must be met by the end of the year.

As these events currently stand, there is much potential for the UK’s growth – at the stage where trade talks can begin and the country can assess which partners will be the most beneficial to trade with and develop closer relationships with than ever before. For hauliers and businesses, perhaps the fog will finally start clearing and drivers can have a better idea of what to expect in the wake of Brexit.
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