UK could face a ban using hands-free devices while on the road

Published: 14 August 2019

UK could face a ban using hands-free devices while on the road
During a meeting in Parliament, some ministers are bringing forward suggestions that could lead to ban the use of hands-free mobile devices in all vehicles, including heavy goods vehicles which would have a major implication for lorry drivers who use their hands free devices to keep in touch with their transport manager throughout the day.

The current regulations and laws have been said to provide a “misleading impression” to road users, according to MPs. While many believe the hands-free use of a mobile device is safe, it often provides a distraction to drivers and can still cause accidents across the country. As statistics for accidents have failed to decrease as the Department for Transport predicted.

According to the Commons Transport Select Committee, the use of a hands free device while driving on the roads in Britain causes “the same risks of collision” that it would if the driver in question were taking calls from their phone, even with the use of hands-free without a headset.

The government also commented, where legal, road users must be sure to use phones appropriately in a safe environment. An expert spoke with the Transport Select Committee, describing data that explains that hands-free devices cause “essentially the same” level of accidents as being at the legal limit for alcohol across England and Wales.

Officials are planning for a public consultation to be published by December this year regarding the matter to get some views from the public. If this rule were to come into effect, this would hold no consequence to Northern Ireland – as their policies are handled independently.

For truck drivers, if this plan were to be put into action it could cause a problem, especially for drivers who manage their own business and need the flexibility of hands free devices to be able to contact business partners, or if they work as part of a firm they would need to stop before contacting their transport operator to keep them up to date on their journey as well as keeping in touch with the party taking on the load at the end of the trucker’s journey.
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