Unmarked Police HGV Catches HGV Drivers

Published: 16 February 2018

Unmarked Police HGV Catches HGV Drivers
Police from Cleveland and Durham Roads Policing Unit (RPU) borrowed an unmarked HGV from Highways England in an operation, called Tramline, to crack down on HGV drivers who commit driving offences around the region.
Police patrolled in the unmarked HGV so they can have better visibility of heavy good vehicles, vans and also cars.
22 drivers were caught committing driving offences during Operation Tramline, including HGV drivers reading delivery notes and electronic devices behind the wheel while driving.
The 22 offences included five drivers caught using a mobile phone whilst driving, ten who were not in proper control of their vehicle, two HGV drivers had over loaded vehicles, three were not wearing seat belts and one was not carrying the appropriate documentation.
Chief Inspector Graham Milne said: “Operation Tramline gives us the opportunity to detect offences carried out by the drivers of large goods vehicles and record the evidence, which would usually be difficult for us. It also gives us the ability to see into other vehicles such as vans and cars from a better angle.
“I’m pleased that this has been another successful operation working in partnership with Highways England on the strategic road network, however, it is always disappointing to see that people have committed offences and they haven’t abided by the law.
“We will continue with operations like this in order to help keep our roads as safe as we possibly can.”
With more operations by the police running in unmarked HGVs it sends a firm warning to all HGV drivers to make sure they obey the laws of the road.
Hopefully these types of operations will weed out the rogue drivers that give the haulage industry a bad image.
To all the genuine HGV drivers that stick to the rules and HGV driving hours, keep up the good work!
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