Updated European laws could impact road haulage – FTA

Published: 08 April 2019

Updated European laws could impact road haulage – FTA
Last week the European Parliament revised some of their laws regarding road haulage. Some of the new regulations were considered to have a negative impact to international road haulage according to the FTA. Speaking on behalf of UK hauliers and other members of the industry, they are urging the EU to reconsider their terms and amend some of the critical elements of the package currently in discussion at the European Parliament.

Reasonable Enforcement 

Speaking on behalf of the FTA, Sarah Laouadi said:“FTA has long been calling for the European Parliament to adopt clear, reasonable, and enforceable road haulage rules. While its position does include attempts to streamline the administrative requirements hauliers are facing, the proposed rules leave too much room for interpretation as to who is eligible to these facilitations and are therefore likely to create enforcement issues. FTA will be working closely with both the European Parliament and EU Member States to ensure the next phase – negotiations with EU Transport Ministers – addresses our areas of concern.

No More Red Tape.

Ms Laouadi elaborated: “FTA does, however, welcome some positive signals within the proposed package. It is encouraging to note that the European Parliament acknowledges that the current patchwork of admin requirements needed to demonstrate compliance with minimum wage rules in the various EU countries is not sustainable; it should be replaced with one single set of simplified rules. Besides, the European Parliament is in favour of exempting some transport operations from minimum wage red tape altogether.

“Most importantly, we are disappointed that the European Parliament decided not to reverse the ban on drivers taking their regular weekly rests in the cabin even though the lack of appropriate facilities makes it virtually impossible to comply with the ban. EU Member States should push for flexibilities on this rule, to be applied when drivers park in safe and secure parking areas with reasonable levels of comfort and services. Most importantly they should invest and incentivise private investors to upgrade the network of truck parking areas across Europe. FTA is continuing to advocate for better facilities for drivers in the UK and abroad.
“As the consultation reaches its next phase, FTA will continue calling for sensible and enforceable rules; whatever happens with Brexit, these rules will affect UK hauliers, at least in the short term.”

New Terms negotiated

The terms will now be negotiated between the European parliament and representatives of the EU Member States to see if the new terms can be accepted and become the set standard for road haulage within the EU.
A flowing system is essential for Britain’s logistics and trading within Europe following Brexit. If accepted, these new terms would have an effect on more than 7 million people employed in the industry who currently move goods and food on an international scale. Officials are hoping to develop technology to halt any disruptions that could be caused due to Brexit, or any other terms the European parliament would be looking to introduce. The FTA has spoken to the government directly addressing their concerns, acting as the voice for the sector.
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