Warnings of travel disruption

Published: 26 February 2018

Warnings of travel disruption
The UK is preparing to deal with the worst snow and travel disruptions the country has seen in February for 5 years. The snowy weather has come in from Siberia and is predicted to cover most of the country for the next week.
Amber warnings have been issued for snow and ice across Britain as many areas of London and the south-east became effected by the conditions on Monday morning.
Some areas of the UK are predicted to drop to colder temperatures than that of the Arctic Circle in addition to the warnings of delays on roads, by rail and by flight. With further snowfall set to follow later in the week leading to a further impact on travel across the country. 
With the heavy snowfall forecasts set to follow many expect further disruption for the remainder of February. These disruptions are set to be the worst since March 2013, as temperature reach below 0C.
Many forecasters predicted there would be no snowfall until Tuesday, which surprised many on Monday morning who awoke to snowfall. The snowfall is being named “The beast from the east” after its Siberian origin, with roads such as the M25 facing heavy traffic due to the impact on travel. In addition to delays on the roads, many commuters in the London area have suffered from severe delays during travel.
With the plunge in temperatures towards evenings this week the Met Office has recommended commuters from work “get home for 6PM” due to the cold conditions. The tube service is also being suspended at 11PM and will not be operational again until 7AM the following morning. With other travel services following suit, with less transport and slower journeys to assure the safety of those travelling comes first.
The snowy showers are expected to continue in the South-East for at least the next 5 days, with an estimate of more than 20CM of snow which will fall over the East of England, Scotland and Ireland by the middle of the week.

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