New Features and Updates

We are always looking for ways to improve and expand upon the service we offer you, this page will help explain the newest features and enhancements on the Returnloads platform and how they work.

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Member Search Improvements & Relocation

We have moved the member search bar from being hidden inside the ‘My Account’ menu to alongside it as shown in the below screenshot, this bar in consistent when you are logged in so we hope this will make searching for other members on the platform easier and more convenient.
Find a Member search bar

Simply click on the ‘Member Search’ text and you will now be able to search for another members profile as normal.

The search function has also been improved meaning you should see more reliable results for companies that use special characters and punctuation.

Sold Load Notifications & Reporting

We know how frustrating it can be to call up another member for a load they have listed as ‘Available’ on the site, only to find out it has already been sold, so we have been working hard on a new feature that should help alleviate these issues with our new Sold Load Notifications and Reporting features.

For Load Posters

Four hours after you have posted a load, you will be sent an automated email reminding you that you have a load still listed as available on the site, you will be asked within this email to either, mark this load as sold or to disregard the email (if the load is still available).

Within this email, there will be ‘Mark as Sold’ buttons you can click to easily mark these loads as sold from within the email content, you don’t need to do anything more, just simply click the button and our system will do the rest!

Post a lot of loads? Don’t worry, we won’t bombard you with email alerts, any loads you post within a 60 minute period will be collated into one single reminder email so you can go through and mark particular loads as sold and disregard loads that are still available

For Hauliers/Couriers

When you’re searching for loads, you will now notice you have the ability to report loadsas sold.  This button is here for those situations in which you have called the company who has posted the loads that have been listed as available but in-fact, are not available when you have called.
Report Load Button

When you click this button, a report is sent to both us and the load poster in question advising them that they must mark this load as sold if it is no longer available.

None of your information is ever passed to the member as your report is anonymous.

If we see a pattern of companies not marking their loads as sold, we will get in touch with these companies to ensure they continue to comply with our policies on ensuring that our database is up-to-date at all times and we will impose restrictions on members who do not adhere to our policies.

We will also monitor reports to ensure this feature is not being used maliciously, although your report is anonymous to the load poster, your report details are stored in our system to ensure members are using this new features in a fair manner.

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