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The Warehouse Exchange is an online exchange platform that allows you to search for and/or advertise warehouse space within the UK.

For just £9.95 per month, you can start to receive enquiries for storage via our Global & Nationwide online campaigns directly into your inbox. This worldwide advertising is designed to attract Storage Enquiries from businesses in the UK and from international companies looking to distribute goods within Britain.

There has been a vast increase in enquiries recently, as it looks like the future of shopping is moving online with warehouses playing a major part in the storage and distribution of these products. These importers, factories and distributers are searching for storage all over the UK, and simply want a quality warehouse to work with, but find it difficult to locate a warehouse that can offer them a reliable service at a reasonable cost.

When you receive these enquiries for Storage Enquiries you quote directly to the customer, and there are no fees regardless of the size of that enquiry. Your microsite within Warehouse Exchange is visible to any customer so that they can check the services you offer and any reviews from previous clients.

It is costly for every warehousing company to advertise their services online, and to get themselves to the top of search engines, so now is the time to be part of the UK’s biggest network of warehouses who through paid search enjoy the Number 1 spot on all major search engines for key warehousing and logistical terms.

When companies search for a warehouse in regions of the UK your company will be promoted through our ‘Find A Warehouse’ search function and your company will be automatically notified about all storage enquiries in your area.

Why not rethink your strategy to find new business, and make a smarter use of your space? We have thousands of warehouse companies in the UK offering secure storage for merchandise, palletised goods, office, archiving, general warehousing and many other storage requirements, so if you don’t want to miss out then get in touch so we can get you started.

We can help you get new business.

Call our team now on 0333 066 3288 and we can set up your account and your alerts so you can start receiving enquiries immediately.

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