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George Baker (Transport) Ltd

George Baker (Transport) Ltd

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Our premises are equipped with multiple dock leveler loading bays and we are ideally situated to accommodate the safe cross-docking of full container loads which require unpacking on arrival at the Port of Felixstowe for urgent onward delivery.

We operate 24 hour ‘shunting’ dedicated to efficiently moving loaded containers from the port terminal to our port depot and ensuring the safe return of empty containers.  This avoids expensive quay rent and demurrage charges.

Our depot is Customs AEO certified, with over 5000 sq metres of high quality inside storage, with large storage areas also available outside.  This includes Customs bonded areas, Customs ERTS cargo bays and storage facilities for pharmaceuticals and food products.

Bonded Warehousing
Bonded warehousing provides flexibility and allows customers to defer payment of import duty and VAT on goods stored in our warehouse.

We are an approved HMRC bonded warehouse with extensive experience in dealing with bonded stock within a safe and controlled environment.

We have over 5000 sq meters of high quality storage available within our Customs AEO approved depot and an established team of warehouse personnel.

Our competitive rates and extensive range of additional services make George Baker (Shipping) Ltd the ideal choice for your bonded storage requirements.

Cross Docking
One of the main reasons for needing a container to be cross docked is due to container unloading restrictions at end destinations. Most customers would prefer their goods to be delivered on a curtain sided vehicle rather than in a container. Our cross docking facility is perfectly placed to do this type of work.

Located on the port of Felixstowe, our premises are equipped with multiple dock leveler bays where we are able to safely and securely unload containers and re-load vehicles with ease.

With a fast, efficient and reliable full load trailer delivery service to any European destination we are able to offer an extensive European on carriage service and using our Community Transit guarantee (T1) we can also facilitate final Customs clearance and settlement of duties and taxes in the county of ultimate destination.

If you require your consignment to be unloaded from a container and immediately loaded onto a curtain sided vehicle for delivery then please Contact Us. Our cross docking facility accelerates speed to market by routing items to their end destinations as soon as they are received.

ERTS Warehousing Facility
George Baker (Shipping) Ltd has an approved ERTS Warehouse facility.  An ERTS (enhanced remote transit shed) Warehouse is an area approved by H M Revenue & Customs, situated outside an appointed customs area of port/airport, where bonded goods may be held until they are assigned to an approved customs clearance agent. This allows customers to remove their consignments from consolidated containers without awaiting clearance of other loads within the container
Facilities: Distribution, General, Secure area
Size: 10000sq ft
Availability: General availability
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10000 sq ft
Distribution, General, Secure area
General availability
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George Baker (Transport) Ltd
Jon Goulden
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George Baker (Transport) Ltd, Unit 4, Parker Avenue, Felixstowe, IP11 4HF

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