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Humber Ports Logisitics Ltd (H.P.L)

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Humber Ports Logistics was established in 2012 and offers a service based on a background of over 35 years experience in the transport & shipping industry
Due to the knowledge gained over the last 35 years humber ports logistics are able to offer services ranging from cargo handling, vessel operations, warehousing and distribution to General and Domestic Haulage, offering a total logistics solution.

HPL is a family owned company that prides itself on honesty, a hard working ethic and paying attention to detail. With this attitude and professionalism HPL are able offer their customers a high quality service at all times.
Humber Ports Logistics main objectives are to work together with our customers, understand their requirements and business sector, by doing so HPL aims to offer the best possible service, and achieve long lasting Partnerships with their customers...
Humber Ports Logistics FH13 500bhp
Humber Ports Logistics FH13 500bhp
Tautliner Delivery
Tautliner Delivery

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