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Humber Ports Logisitics Ltd (H.P.L)

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H.P.L are able to offer : -
Container Logistics – For all types of DeepSea, and Continental High Cube Pallet Wide (Mega) Containers.

Truck Only – Perfectly suited for trailer Operators and Shipping Lines who require truck/driver only requirements. Vehicles fitted with palm coupling and specialized couplings to accommodate all types of trailers

Paper/Timber Logistics – Having worked with some of the leading Scandinavian & European paper importers for both Virgin and Recycled paper.
Humber Logistics has the skill, Knowledge and dedicated equipment to handle all our customers’ requirements

General/Domestics Haulage – With Humber Ports Logistics transport network throughout the UK, we have the flexibility to offer one way haulage solutions to and from the Humber area, due to our wide range of daily operations.

Services provided:

  • Storage
  • Transport
  • Warehousing
  • Full loads

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