Short Term Storage Solutions

Temporary warehousing and short term storage solutions to meet your business requirements

Short term storage solutions

At some point most businesses will require some sort of short term storage solution or short term warehouse rental for their goods. Forecasting product demand can be extremely difficult and renting warehouse space to support your peak demands all year doesn’t make much sense commercially. Finding a warehouse for rent short term makes much more sense when you have an overspill of goods needing storage.
Temporary warehousing is commercial ideal for companies that have seasonal fluctuations in demand. No long term contracts are important if you are unsure of exactly how long you will be needing the warehouse space, after all you only want to pay for the storage when you need it. Some companies may be able to offer you rolling month-by-month storage contracts which could be the ideal short term warehousing solution for your business.
The Warehouse Exchange can help you to find a temporary storage solution that matches your business needs and storage requirements. Whether you need short term storage in London for the overspill of goods or short term warehouse rental in Manchester for several pallets, we have a network of warehouse companies across the UK who can help.
With such a large network of warehouses available on the exchange it gives you a number of different options to choose from including temporary cold storage, renting temporary warehouse buildings or even short term self-storage. Whatever solution is right for your business.
Arranging a warehouse for rent short term couldn’t be easier just submit a space enquiry making sure to add how long you expect to need the storage and the warehouse providers who offer temporary solutions will get in touch with you. Alternatively you can find a temporary warehouse yourself by using the ‘find a warehouse’ feature.

Short term warehouse rental

The Warehouse Exchange can help you save money on your storage requirements by matching your requirements with storage companies who are actively looking to rent out their warehouse space.  
Our network of warehousing companies enables us to offer a wide range of temporary storage solutions, from shared user to dedicated facilities depending on your current and future requirements.

Why choose Warehouse Exchange?

Find warehouse space - We connect you with a network of warehouse operators offering solutions that suit your specific needs.
Reduce storage costs - Save money on your storage costs by utilizing space that a warehouse is actively looking to sell.
Flexible stock management - Too much stock? No need to panic you can find temporary storage solutions as well as long term storage.
Store almost anything – Specialised storage facilities offering warehousing solutions for almost anything incl. bonded, temperature controlled, industrial and garment.
Save time finding a warehouse – By submitting a space enquiry on the Warehouse Exchange the warehouse providers get in contact with you, saving you time that you can spend on other parts of your business.
It’s FREE - It's completely free to use the Warehouse Exchange to find a warehousing solution.
The Warehouse Exchange is the UK’s first on demand marketplace for finding warehouse space and we have hundreds of warehouse companies across the UK ready to store your goods.  

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