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On the Warehouse Exchange you will find various temperature controlled storage solutions. Whether you are looking for ambient storage, cold storage or frozen storage, we have the warehousing facilities to meet your storage requirements.

Ambient Storage

What is ambient storage?

Ambient storage is a service that many warehouse companies in the UK, it means ‘room temperature’ and normal storage conditions. Ambient storage facilities offer dry, clean, well ventilated storage at room temperature, which is usually somewhere in the range of 15° to 25°C.
Ambient warehouse conditions cater for all kinds of products that require storing at room temperature such as electricals, toys, paper and perishables including certain foods and drinks.
Ambient products need to be stored in an ambient environment to maintain their quality and integrity.
Warehouses that offer ambient storage solutions can control and regulate the temperature of the room where your ambient products are stored, various sensors and monitors will be in place to ensure the ambient conditions are maintained.
The food and drink industry is a big user of ambient warehousing and there are some guidelines from the Food standards agency which may be helpful.
On the Warehouse Exchange we have a network of specialised warehouse operators offering temperature controlled warehouses ideal for your products. Get the best ambient storage prices by submitting a space enquiry or alternatively you can find a warehouse on the exchange.
Whether you are looking for ambient food storage in London or bulk storage in Sunderland, the Warehouse Exchange can help.
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Ambient storage solutions

Refrigerated and Cold Storage

The cold storage of perishable products is one of the most significant parts of the supply chain. It is the link between the producers of the products and the transportation to the retailer. A number of industries require cold storage of their temperature-sensitive products, including pharmaceuticals, medical, food and drink, mining and horticultural.
Maintaining proper storage conditions for medical and pharmaceutical products is vital to ensuring their quality. For storage guidelines please look through this W.H.O resource.
The Warehouse Exchange has cold storage companies across the UK that understand the complexities of storing perishable products and can ensure that your products are kept within a strict temperature range. There is no room for error when it comes to commercial cold storage and with our providers you can expect your products to retain their quality.
When looking at cold storage rental you might need a warehouse operator who has separate cold storage rooms as different products will require different temperatures, for instance meat products are stored just below freezing whilst dairy products are stored just above freezing. Cold storage temperatures will usually range from 0 to 5°C.
Be sure that whatever cold or refrigerated storage warehouse you decide to go with has the facilities to meet your specific requirements. There are some other things to consider in choosing a cold storage company including:

Location and access

Finding a cold storage company located close to your production site can have huge benefits in terms of reducing both your transport costs and your impact on the environment. Being located to major road networks can also help with the speed of distribution. Easy access to your cold storage facility should also be a consideration as it will help streamline your operations especially if you are regular dropping off and picking up products.

Energy consumption

As a manufacturer or producer it is important that you are doing you most to reduce emissions and cut costs in your supply chain process. With that being said you should choose a cold storage warehouse which has been built to conserve energy because it is more expensive to cool air than it is to heat it up. 
A well designed warehouse that conserves energy efficiently will be able to offer you better storage prices as their costs will be less, they can also help you with reduce the impact on the environment in your supply chain. Look out for insulated panels, external cladding and quality heating and cooling systems.
Get the best cold storage prices by submitting a space enquiry on the Warehouse Exchange. Whether you are looking for temporary cold storage in London or a refrigerated storage unit in Manchester, the Warehouse Exchange can help you find the right solution.

Chilled and Frozen Storage

Reliable storage conditions are essential where choosing a chilled or frozen storage facility for the storage of your frozen products. On the Warehouse Exchange we have frozen storage companies from across the UK who offer reliable, flexible and cost effective warehousing solutions. 
With frozen storage your products are kept at a constant temperature, anywhere between -1 to -50°C (although there are some members who can offer even colder storage), and are monitored and controlled by a set of systems and procedures to ensure the temperature is maintained at all times.
The most popular type of frozen product that is stored in the UK is food and with frozen food, or any frozen item in fact, efficiency is vital. The warehousing company you choose needs to make sure that the right amount of product is stored and then dispatched at the right times to meet your demands. Many of our warehouses are highly automated facilities and this makes them more efficient and in some cases more affordable.
Demand for freezer storage can peak at different times of the year, such as summer and Christmas, this would usually make it harder to find frozen storage space to rent. This is not the case with the Warehouse Exchange as we have a huge network of warehouses in the UK making it quicker and easier to find available space even at peak periods.
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There are many additional facilities available from our temperature controlled warehouses including product freezing, refrigerated transport and bonded warehousing to name just a few. Submit a space enquiry today and wait for the storage companies to come to you.
Chilled storage solutions

Why choose Warehouse Exchange?

Find warehouse space - We connect you with a network of warehouse operators offering solutions that suit your specific needs.
Reduce storage costs - Save money on your storage costs by utilizing space that a warehouse is actively looking to sell.
Flexible stock management - Too much stock? No need to panic you can find temporary storage solutions as well as long term storage.
Store almost anything – Specialised storage facilities offering warehousing solutions for almost anything incl. bonded, temperature controlled, industrial and garment.
Save time finding a warehouse – By submitting a space enquiry on the Warehouse Exchange the warehouse providers get in contact with you, saving you time that you can spend on other parts of your business.
It’s FREE - It's completely free to use the Warehouse Exchange to find a warehousing solution.
The Warehouse Exchange is the UK’s first on demand marketplace for finding warehouse space and we have hundreds of warehouse companies across the UK ready to store your goods.  

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