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The UK's leading haulage exchange for haulage companies.
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Why Join Returnloads.net?
Returnloads.net is the most active haulage exchange website in the UK. We provide haulage companies, logistics companies, small hauliers and HGV owner drivers all the HGV jobs, back loads and general haulage jobs they need to improve efficiency and increase profitability.

Grow Your Haulage Company Simply & Efficiently
UK haulage companies can find haulage work all around the country with over 90,000 available loads online every month. So whether you're looking for tautliner loads, flat bed loads, courier loads or refrigerated lorry loads we have all the loads you will need to help grow your business.
Take advantage of these opportunities to gain new customers and more HGV work. With custom freight alerts we can let you know when new loads are added in the areas that matter to you.

Never Turn Away Work Again
Take on more delivery work without needing to increase the size of your fleet by adding your loads to our freight exchange and get them sub-contracted out. With thousands of available empty vehicles every month haulage contractors across the UK have successfully sub-contracted out haulage jobs instead of turning them away. What’s more, reviews are provided after every haulage job so you can look through our members reviews and be sure your picking the right haulage company for the job.

Save Money & Increase Efficiency
Driving an empty haulage vehicle is expensive and the dead mileage it creates costs your haulage company a lot of money in wasted fuel. Transform your empty truck space into extra revenue whilst reducing the amount of empty journeys with quick and easy access to thousands of return loads and back loads every day. Haulage companies can benefit from reduced empty running which means they are not wasting fuel running an empty truck.

Keep an Eye on Your Fleet at All Times
Returnloads.net has taken GPS fleet tracking to the next level by combining the technology with our freight exchange platform.
Haulage operators can track their fleet vehicles and see them in real time on the interactive map. Not only will they be able to see exactly where their vehicles are at all times they will also see what live loads are available near to them, helping them find the best located load for their vehicles.

Network & Gain Industry Contacts
In the transport industry the importance of a good network of hauliers, freight forwarders and manufacturers is vital to help keep your business moving forward. Joining the UK's busiest freight exchange will help you increase your network within the transport industry which will lead to you securing more haulage jobs, taking on more customers and having a larger network of subcontractors.


Seamlessly Integrate your Existing Transport Systems

Integrate your existing transport management systems and telematics systems seamlessly with our exchange. Saving you even more time and improving efficiency when looking for loads or subcontracting loads. 

Complete Piece of Mind
Unlike any other online freight exchange website, Returnloads.net operates a ‘star rating system’, allowing our members to review each other on every load exchange that takes place. This allows haulage companies and loaders to read reviews about previous delivery work and their potential supply partners, providing added piece of mind when using a new company to deliver or supply goods.


More than just Returnloads

Our haulage exchange website offers more than just returnloads and back loads. You will also find regular haulage work, outgoing loads and haulage contracts all at rates you might not expect from a haulage exchange website.

Over 90,000 available loads every month ranging including loads for artic's, rigids, flats and curtainsiders.

Key Benefits at a Glance
With thousands of outgoing loads, regular loads, backloads and empty vehicles every month you’re sure to find what you’re looking for on the UK’s foremost haulage exchange for haulage companies.

  • Over 90,000 loads listed every month providing you with all the opportunities you need to increase your revenue and profits.
  • Helping you to reduce expensive empty running by locating return loads quickly and easily. 
  • From vans to rigids, flat beds to articulated vehicles, crane vehicles to refrigerated box trailers our members have all the vehicles you will need.
  • Save time searching for haulage work with real-time freight alerts sent to your by email.
  • With feedback received on all haulage jobs you can feel confident that you are choosing the right transport company for the job.
  • See the whereabouts of your fleet vehicles at all times with live vehicle tracking at no extra cost.
  • Get extra online presence and help get discovered with your own 8 page micro-site.
  • Go mobile with our free app and find the nearest truck loads to your current location.
  • Save money compared to other haulage exchange sites with our low cost subscriptions.
Our haulage exchange website isn't just open to UK haulage companies and haulage contractors it is also open to European haulage companies who are looking for haulage work between UK drop off and pick up locations.

Haulage jobs for haulage companies and haulage contractors

If you are looking for a haulage company or haulage contractor to deliver your goods then please visit our haulage services page.

The biggest reason we would recommend Returnloads.net is that it helps us sell our loads and find suppliers to build new relationships with

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Save money and reduce your carbon footprint with Returnloads.Net

With up to 5,000 new loads per day, saving over 250 million miles per year, the impact for the UK's Carbon footprint alone is huge.