Increase in Haulier Revenue

Increase in Haulier Revenue

Increase in Haulier Revenue

A higher usage by haulage companies of has seen an increase in revenue for many companies in 2013.The number of haulage companies now choosing to use return loads as there main portal for finding loads back to base for their general haulage fleet has steadily increased since the re-launch of the haulage exchange web site a year ago.


Companies based from Devon and Cornwall up to North Scotland report that using is so much easier than making endless calls in the search for a load home. The haulage divisions of many of the UK’s leading haulage businesses rave about the site explaining how it has transformed their traffic offices into a more slick and profitable operation. Many transport companies place multiple loads onto the web site each day and some are transacting over 50 loads per day through the site.


Some members state that they have saved up to 6% of their costs by using the return load system


Richard Newbold, the group chairman and managing director, said: "We are pleased to see our members saving money. That’s what the site is all about, helping subscribers get value for money whilst cutting their own costs. We have also been working diligently on improving our member’s profitability by introducing new features such as the app


This has been achieved by enhancing our member’s operational efficiency and complete utilisation of their fleet by cutting out dead mileage and at the same time, securing better-margin on their back loads.


Describing the outlook for the next year the Richard Newbold said that would focus on constantly improving features on the site in order to make it easier to use whilst at the same time making the web site an important tool for the haulage market place.


The company went on to say that it would continue to improve the experience for its membership whilst adding new features at no extra cost. is the best value for money haulage exchange in the UK offering the basic membership for just £29.50 per month in comparison to other rivals who can charge three times this amount for sites which offer hardly any loads.


In August 2013 was seeing between 3,000 – 4,000 loads per day placed upon the web site which equates to over £1,000,000 per day in transaction value

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  • BILL HEDLEY, 06/02/2014

    I agree, I find that is well designed, easy to use and has proved it self to me as being a very cost effective useful back up tool in finding backloads.

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  • James Hudson, 15/10/2013

    This seems like a great idea. Have just added a link from our site.

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  • Mozyro GBS Ltd-Misha, 12/10/2013

    Yes, I also find returnloads very good value for money and don't see any reason to go anywhere

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