Overcoming turbulent times with a road haulage marketplace

Overcoming turbulent times with a road haulage marketplace

Over the years, the haulage industry has faced numerous environmental and economic challenges. Think of Brexit, the driver shortage, rising fuel prices, and several recessions. To survive these external changes, businesses must adapt not only to survive but to thrive despite the pressures.
Profit margins are shrinking even more because of the recession we’re in. That’s why you need the right software to help you plug the gaps in your job schedule, so you can make the most of every mile driven.

Identifying gaps in your plan and finding extra loads

The key to a steady flowing schedule is proper planning. To maximise the profitability of all your trips, it’s vital to cut wasteful and costly empty running.
Returnloads lets you plan with foresight so you can identify empty-running gaps with enough time to search externally for loads that match up with your planned trips.
Find extra loads from thousands of credible hauliers across the UK without wasting time phoning around.

Subcontracting loads when you’re at full capacity

Calling around to find hauliers to cover your excess loads can be yet another tedious task on your list, wasting precious time and money.
Returnloads is an efficient haulage marketplace that saves you time with advanced, automated load matching. It makes it quick and easy to select a subcontractor that matches your needs and locations.
Don’t turn work down when you're running at full capacity. Simply advertise and sell your excess work to a growing community of available owner-drivers and subcontractors. 

Job status updates and ETAs

Finding new customers is hard work, so you want them on board for the long haul. Customer expectations are changing; they want visibility of job progress and real-time status updates and ETAs all the way from order to delivery. With automated updates, you can deliver the kind of service that will make all your customers return customers.
Join the UK’s leading hauliers that trust Returnloads to help them find loads and subcontractors while building solid industry connections.
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