How to get a HGV licence for free

How to get a HGV licence for free

First thing’s first: to be a learner on the roads you’re going to need a provisional HGV licence, this licence can vary depending on the type of vehicle you plan to drive. You can download the application form from the .gov website, fill in the required information and submit the form to acquire a provisional licence.
Training through a firm – If you apply for a permanent role as a HGV driver, some firms will consider your application even if you don’t have your HGV licence yet and will gladly put you through the required training to become a driver if you are willing to do so.

There could be some terms regarding this once you are ready to hit the road (in which case you should check your contract or ask the employer themselves), but it’s a means of getting your licence under a company you know will support you every step of the way and if it costs you anything it’ll be in payments from your salary once you hit the road on the firm’s behalf.
You could have a 2-year contract, meaning if your contract were to be terminated for some reason you may need to pay the sum the training costed. This is a great opportunity for anyone who is looking to progress within a firm, years of loyal service on the road would be greatly rewarded.
Funds from the Job Centre – Alternatively, if you are currently unemployed, have an interest in becoming a lorry driver you can apply through the Job Centre for funds for your training (which you will need to show proof of), your odds will be much stronger for an accepted application if you show to them your commitment to the role, but the most likely accepted application would show that you have had a job offer as a lorry driver and need to begin training ASAP.  

With the funds to support your progression, you can begin your lessons and once the theory and practical exams have been completed and passed and you have received your licence you’ll be on the road delivering goods before you know it!*

*This article was published in 2018 and may be outdated.

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  • Craig Endall, 10/11/2019

    Hi I am very interested in this myself but live in Leicester and cant find any company that would do this. Would you have an idea of any companies around the leicestershire area that would be willing to put me through for a hgv license . I do have C1 entitlement on my license as passed my driving test in 1993

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  • Majid Hussain, 18/01/2019

    Love to be long distance waggon driver

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  • Abdi khadar Mohamed, 29/10/2018

    I would like to hearing from you

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  • JAY JOUOXY, 21/09/2018

    Would like to start training asap

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