What is a Freight Exchange?

What is a Freight Exchange?

What is a freight exchange?

A freight exchange is a platform where members in the haulage industry can trade loads, make new connections within the industry, and help run their business as efficiently as possible.

How does a freight exchange work?

If a haulage company has a surplus of loads that can’t be covered by their own fleet, they can sub-contract their work to a network of hauliers ready to take on more work. The work would be listed with the type of work, if this requires a certain type of vehicle, location and other requirements can be named before posting the load to start the bidding.

Alternatively, if you are an owner-driver or haulage company looking for more work to boost your profits and reduce your empty running costs, a freight exchange is a great place to start looking for work. Search for jobs that suit your specific needs including your type of vehicle, specialisms, and accreditations to get the most suited loads available for you.
Efficient haulage is sustainable haulage.

With the rising costs of running a haulage company today more than ever it is important to be running your fleet efficiently.  By using Returnloads.net you can find loads to fill your vehicle anywhere around the UK and Ireland helping eliminate empty running costs. By fully utilizing your vehicle you will be helping the environment by reducing the empty miles travelled by HGV vehicles meaning less emissions are omitted into our atmosphere.
How much does a return load in haulage cost?

The price of the haulage work that you win using a freight exchange is completely dependent on the member that is selling the work and is no way the responsibility of the freight exchange themselves. This is to be negotiated with the haulier and price agreed upon from there.

Why use a freight exchange platform?

Using a freight exchange platform gives you peace of mind you are working with a network of trusted hauliers. Read company reviews that have been left on the platform, check for accreditations and specialisms to make sure the haulier is suited to the work you need covered. Put your mind at rest knowing you’re working with 1,000s of likeminded businesses like yours, trying to achieve similar objectives.
How do I get paid?

All the pricing is discussed and agreed privately member-to-member, and invoices are sent direct to the customer.  Returnloads makes invoicing easy with our mobile app allowing delivery status reporting and electronic proof of delivery (ePODs) to help cut down on paperwork.
Going digital has never been more important. With the effects of several lockdowns, we’ve encompassed a new way of working and needing to work as efficiently as possible under different restraints to what we’re used to. If the past 18 months have taught us anything, it’s that haulage is a pivotal industry to keep supply chain moving throughout the UK. Returnloads has a network of over 2,000 trusted hauliers with over 4,000 new jobs available every day, so why not try it for yourself to see how you can start boosting profits and productivity.

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