Renturnloads+ App

Renturnloads+ App

Returnloads is one of the UK’s largest freight exchanges, and with the upcoming release of our own mobile app available on Apple and Android products, there’s some exciting new features that will give customers enhanced visibility and satisfaction.

Customers that download the Returnloads+ app will get exclusive access to features, only available for app users.

Have a bird’s eye of the status of your jobs and vehicles. Once a driver arrives at the pick-up location, they will mark the status of the job as picked up, enter the estimated time of arrival and mark the load as in transit once the load has left the pickup site, which will automatically update in the Returnloads app.

Give your customers a 5-star experience with estimated time of arrivals. As the driver leaves the pick-up point, they can change the status to En-Route and update the ETA. This will automatically update the status of the job and will allow your customers full visibility of when to expect their load.

Protect your revenue with ePODs. Once the driver has successfully delivered your load, they will be able to capture the signature through sign on glass, as proof the customer has received the load.

The app is now available to download through the iOS and Android App stores now - if you haven't yet got a Returnloads subscription, sign up today and start using the app!

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