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Haulage and storage solutions from Returnloads.net

haulage and storage
Returnloads.net offers innovative haulage and storage solutions for businesses that operate within the logistics industry. Whether you are looking for haulage and storage, or you offer haulage services and storage services our exchange platforms can assist you.

Haulage solutions

Returnloads.net have a solution for both sides of the haulage industry. Whether you are a haulage operator or have regular haulage requirements we can help you increase profits, reduce costs and save time.

For haulage companies

Our haulage exchange solution aims to increase profits for haulage operators and reduce their empty mileage. Returnloads.net connects haulage companies and owner drivers with freight forwarders and companies from manufacturing and trade who are looking to have goods delivered.

Over 90,000 loads every month

Our exchange can help you increase turnover and ultimately grow profits by giving you access to over 90,000 loads every month. The amount of delivery work available across the UK will give you the opportunities you need to ensure your vehicles are kept full and busy.

Reduce empty mileage

Make the most out of your vehicles by finding back loads for those, otherwise empty, return journeys. With Returnloads.net you can quickly transform your empty capacity into revenue by covering a haulage load on the platform. 
You can set up freight alerts for all your empty runs, meaning that as soon as a load is added that matches your vehicle type and journey you know about it. 
It isn’t just return loads on the platform though, you will also find regular delivery work, outbound loads and haulage contracts.

Sub-contract delivery work

Take on additional haulage work or sub-contract any excess work without having to increase your own fleet by utilizing the resources available to you on our haulage exchange. We have a huge network of owner drivers and hauliers that use the platform daily to find delivery work, making it the perfect place to sub-out any haulage work you need to.
Many of the UK's largest haulage companies use Returnloads.net to sub-contract out haulage work.

Keep an eye on your vehicles

We have a vehicle tracking solution which is integrated with our freight exchange. You can track your vehicles in real-time and see where they are on our interactive map. Not only can you see where your vehicles are at any time you can also see all the available loads that are near them.
We have recently integrated the Navman Teletrac telematics solution with our freight exchange offering further visibility of your vehicles.

Over 150,000 loads every month
Over 150,000 loads every month

Haulage solutions for businesses

The Returnloads.net freight exchange connects you with a large network of haulage operators, couriers and owner drivers. We have thousands of transporters looking for delivery work every day, making it the ideal place to find reliable and affordable haulage services.

Save on haulage costs

With our innovative matching system if you place a load that matches a transporters empty return journey you can benefit from a reduction in cost. They can give you a better rate as they are already heading that way and do not have to charge you for the extra leg of the journey. We have successfully helped thousands of businesses reduce their haulage costs at the same time as helping transporters fill vehicles on back journeys.

Post unlimited loads

There are no limits to the amount of delivery work you can post to the platform. At the moment we have on average 90,000 loads posted to the platform every month and this number is continuing to grow. With thousands of transport companies on the platform ranging from couriers with small vans all the way up to fleets of 44t articulated lorries, we have the network to get your loads delivered.
Before giving your delivery work to a company you can access their business documents and look through any feedback they have previously received from doing work on Returnloads.net. Many of our transporters are members of the RHA.

Storage solutions

We have recently launched the Warehouse Exchange, an innovative platform that connects a large network of warehouse companies with businesses looking for storage solutions.
The Warehouse Exchange is a completely free platform for businesses to find warehouse space to rent or fill their available warehouse space. 

For warehouse companies

Our Warehouse Exchange matches businesses looking for warehouse space with companies that have the space and facilities to fulfil their requirements.
You can advertise your warehouse locations and services on the warehouse exchange for free. You will also be alerted to any space enquiry that is added to the exchange that meets your criteria.
For example, if you have a warehouse in London that offers cold storage and a space enquiry is added by a business looking for a warehouse in London with cold storage you would automatically be alerted to this enquiry. You can then contact the company directly and book them in.
Whether you have regular space available or temporary space we can help you find customers to fill it so you can maximize turnover and increase your profits.
There is high demand for warehouse space in the UK and the Warehouse Exchange can help you turn your space into revenue for free.

Visibility in the haulage industry

The haulage industry is the second largest user of warehousing in the UK. Returnloads.net is the largest haulage exchange in the UK with over 2,000 members using the platform to find and sub-contract delivery work. By adding your warehouse to the Warehouse Exchange your services will be shown to the largest network of haulage operators on the web.

For businesses looking for storage space

Whether you are looking for long term pallet storage or short term bonded warehouse space our Warehouse Exchange can help find the right storage solution for you.
Our exchange connects you with a large network of warehouse companies, all offering a variety of different facilities and services, making it quick and easy to find warehouse space to rent.
You can use the exchange to search for and find a warehouse or you can submit a space enquiry and let the warehouse companies come to you.
To submit a space enquiry all you need to do is fill in a simple online form which includes what you are looking for, location, facilities etc... Once submitted all warehouse companies that match that criteria are alerted to your need for storage via email and will contact you directly.
Submitting a space enquiry is the recommended way to find the best warehouse solution for the best price for you.
Our members are looking to offer their warehouse space to rent and as the Warehouse Exchange is free they can offer you the best prices. You will save money when using our exchange to find a warehouse.
There are various types of warehousing available including short term storage, bonded and temperature controlled storage.

Haulage and storage solutions

The haulage and storage solutions that we offer on Returnloads.net will help you to grow your business.Our freight and warehouse exchanges helps you build up a profitable network of contacts from within the logistics industry. The types of members we have are diverse and vary greatly in size and services offered. We have everything from haulage operators and owner drivers to manufacturers and large 3pl’s.

Save money and reduce your carbon footprint with Returnloads.Net

With up to 5,000 new loads per day, saving over 250 million miles per year, the impact for the UK's Carbon footprint alone is huge.