A Step-by-Step Guide to Loading/Unloading Pallets

A Step-by-Step Guide to Loading/Unloading Pallets

First off, unloading:

Step 1: Be sure the forklift is at a complete stop and the mast is in a vertical position, also that the arms of the vehicle are completely lined up with the pallet that is set to be lifted off of the trailer.
Step 2: One of the most common occurrences with damaged goods are that they are damaged while on the move, if you want to be sure the goods remain undamaged you should always approach the pallet at a safe, reasonable speed. Moving the goods as safely as possible prevents any harm coming to goods or other staff. Insert the arms slowly until the pallet is against the backrest.
Step 3: Once it is against the backrest, raise the pallet high enough to be clear of the truck tray. Then be sure to look behind you that there is nothing there and you have a clear path. Slowly reverse the forklift away from the lorry once this has been checked.
Step 4: Once you have lifted the load off of the truck, lower the arms and tilt the load backwards to be sure it won’t tumble off of the forklift’s arms while being moved from one area to another.
Step 5: Once again check there is a clear path around you before moving the load to its destination, moving at appropriate speeds and gently unloading the goods where they belong. Repeat this process until the truck has been completely unloaded.

Now for filling vehicles with goods:
Step 1: Picking up the goods from storage should be approached in the same way as picking up goods from the vehicle, while the goods are being moved the arms need to be lifting the pallet backwards to make sure it won’t fall while being lifted driving reasonably towards the trailer
Step 2: Once the trailer is close, lower the arms slightly until the goods are at a balanced angle, ready to be raised. This would be a good time to check there is no one loading/unloading from inside the trailer and that the radius is clear for you to lift the goods.
Step 3: Slowly raise the goods until it is clearly above the trailer’s height, you may want to take a glance for yourself to be sure it won’t hit the bottom of the trailer. Then move it into place, ready to be lowered onto the trailer.
Step 4: Slowly lower the pallet until the weight comes off of the arms and the pallet is clearly resting on the trailer and is ready to be taken by a driver. Check the coast is clear behind you, then slowly reverse out until your forklift arms are out of reach from the trailer.
Step 5: Now lower your arms to a reasonable height and put them into the backwards position, ready to move more goods if required.

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