Business Documents!

Business Documents!

2.PNG Business Documents

Today we launched the Business Documents part of our site, something we have been working on for months!
With this new section of your account (which is at no extra cost) you are now able to build up your company ranking with our new Bronze, Silver, Gold & Ultimate rankings. You are also able to send your business documents such as Goods in Transit, Fleet Insurance, Operators Insurance etc. at the touch of a button to a company you are arranging doing business with.
This new feature not only allows a more efficient exchange between you and other members, but also allows you to see who you are dealing with and if they are a company you wish to work with at first glance.
To find out more about this, log into your account to see the changes or call us on 01375 856958 and we can walk you through this new service and arrange for you to get your documents approved and uploaded.

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  • Roger Lawson, 05/02/2014

    I really like the fact that members can download so many documents now and become Verified as
    either Bronze, Gold etc

    Its already saved me time by just logging onto their document page and printing a copy off at my end


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