How to become a transport manager

How to become a transport manager

What does the role involve?

As a transport manager, your role is to organise and plan the moving of goods on the road. This means planning routes, contacting the drivers to support them where necessary this could involve directing them on routes or other information they might need. You must be certain goods as well as their drivers arrive at their destination following schedules, while remaining safe on the roads and considering which routes would be the most cost effective. This would also include processing new orders of goods on your company’s behalf.

Here are some of the main responsibilities of the position:

- Getting in touch with suppliers/customers, setting routes and planning deliveries
- You would also manage your firm’s team, including supervisors, admin staff and HGV drivers
- Organising training
- Assessing targets and whether they have been met on a recurring basis
- Reporting to directors
- Handling vehicles along with organising any repairs
- Replacing vehicles
- Developing new relationships with customers for the business

Of course, one responsibility is to be sure that all operations completed are in line with UK and EU laws, you will need to be sure you are fully aware of any changes to laws that could have an impact on the business. The laws will ultimately have an influence on: fuel emissions, length of driver shifts, movement of foods as well as livestock and any hazardous goods.

What will you need for the role?

Many begin in one of the sectors that you would oversee as a transport manager. Whether this is as a driver, operator or administrator, these roles give you the experience to understand what kind of knowledge you would need for the role. Any previous experience in a management or team-leading role would also be beneficial and increase your chances of getting the role.
Alternatively, a degree can be studied to help you gain the knowledge and knowhow to apply for the role but the degree has to be relevant to the role itself. Here are some subjects you could consider: 

- Supply chain management
- Logistics
- Transport management
- business management

Where should I apply?

Start your search through applications such as Indeed and Reed, consider how far you would be willing to travel and increase/decrease your radius to suit your own requirements.

Now, you have some further knowledge to take with you when applying for a transport management role. Alternatively, if you know someone looking into this role be sure to share this guide with them!

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