How to ensure a quick turnaround with Returnloads

How to ensure a quick turnaround with Returnloads

Excellent customer experience and fast delivery are at the heart of providing a great service in the freight industry. If you’re responsible for moving cargo from businesses to customers then being able to identify where you can save on time and reduce costs, which can lead to more satisfied customers, as well as more business for you. Working with Returnloads provides a lot of opportunities to do this when you know how.
Develop a business strategy
If you have a strategy in place then you have a clear set of objectives – this is essential to avoid any uncertainty within your business. Taking this type of strategic approach means that you and your team will have a clear idea of expectations and goals and can define who is responsible for each stage in the process of achieving them.
Involve your customers
A quick turnaround is beneficial for everyone involved in the process and it can be useful to involve customers in planning for this too. The idea is to be clear from the start about individual roles, responsibilities and liabilities. It can be useful to identify how a quick turnaround with Returnloads will provide opportunities for the customer business too – if you’re both working towards the same goal, i.e. improving efficiency and speed you’re much more likely to achieve it.
Track and measure your performance
If you want to be competitive in an industry where technology is constantly creating opportunities to be better it’s essential to track and measure performance on an ongoing basis. There are lots of different ways that you can do this and the benefits are many, as you’ll be able to identify problematic areas and find solutions to any weaknesses in your current approach that might be slowing you down.
Put time and effort into the paperwork
Robust contracts are essential for any business in this industry, as they clearly define the nature of the relationship between the parties and provide a framework for governing disputes. Contracts should always include liabilities, legal framework, obligations and rights – investing in this kind of clarity now can help to avoid issues and disputes that could later slow the entire process down. It will also be essential to ensure that you stay open to communication with everyone you have a working relationship with during this process, not just to avoid conflicts over misunderstandings but to use constructive feedback to maximise efficiency.
Use an online freight exchange
A lot of the time consuming work involved in the freight process can be minimised by working with a freight exchange like Returnloads, leaving you free to focus on improving service and turnaround times. For example, vetting and recruitment are usually taken care of, as well as shipment tracking. A freight exchange may make it easier to find work and provide key tools for maximising efficiency as well as saving time.
These are some of the simplest ways to ensure a quick turnaround with Returnloads.

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