Barron Wood Distribution

Find out how Returnloads has helped Barron Wood Distribution to run its traffic department more efficiently

Barron Wood Distribution provide top quality transport solutions. They have offices situated in Preston, Lancashire and an office in Glasgow, their team of transport experts can offer UK national and pan-European coverage, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

Find out how has helped Barron Wood Distribution to run their traffic department more efficiently.

What frustrations were you facing before joining Returnloads?
On busy days, our traffic staff would be making phone call after phone call trying to cover the loads we had available, whilst they were doing this more work kept piling up.
How did you do things before becoming a member Returnloads?
We have 8 branches and each one could have up to 100 loads every week, so all branches would have to work together and phone or email each other to see if another branch had any leads on hauliers or distributors that might have been able to help with their loads. Our team as a whole would be trying to cover 500+ loads, which is a lot and as you can imagine it was very time consuming.

What was the one thing that made you decide you needed Returnloads?
We have been members of Returnloads for a very long time, we joined when Returnloads was first hitting the haulage scene. We heard good things from a few other companies, we took the free trial and we instantly saw a massive improvement in such a short period of time that It was a no brainer really.

Returnloads has helped us build a trusting business relationship with hundreds of companies within the industry

What, in your opinion, are the top 3 features of our haulage exchange platform?
1) Helped us build a trusting business relationship with 100's of companies within the industry.
2) Saves hours a day in calling and emailing other companies hoping to find a solution.
3) Provides a one stop shop for everything you need in traffic, like the companies business documents and job confirmations.

What specific problem did Returnloads help to resolve? 
Returnloads helped us most of all with planning work in advance, not only were we able to cover loads and vehicles for the following day, but for 2 - 3 days in advance too.

Would you recommend Returnloads?
Yes we would most definitely recommend Returnloads, it has been a huge benefit to our company as a whole right across our 8 branches.

What is the single biggest reason you would recommend Returnloads?
I would have to say Returnloads as a whole, I cant really single out just one part, like i said before it is a one stop shop for running a haulage company.