Blue Whale Logistics

Find out how Returnloads has helped Blue Whale Logistics build a reputation within the industry.

Blue Whale Logistics is a Leicester based privately run logistics, courier & haulage company with over 30 years’ experience in the transport industry.

One of the biggest frustrations that Blue Whale Logistics faced as a relatively new company was visibility in the market. It’s a very time-consuming task ringing hauliers for work as it is, but with Blue Whale only just starting to make connections in the market, extra time was being spent on explaining the company’s background information before other transport partners would commit to work. This way of working wasn’t efficient for Blu Whale.

John Adams, Traffic Manager at Blue Whale Logistics told us Returnloads was recommended by another company that used the platform. “We thought we would try Returnloads as it was recommended for large haulage work, so we tried it and it’s worked very well for us. When we couldn’t get our loads covered, we wasted a lot of time calling hauliers from the phone book. But this meant we had no real idea who we were dealing with so didn’t give us the greatest of confidence.”

John also said, “It’s an easy way to be seen in the industry. The vehicles are relevant, and the companies are reputable.”


It’s a way to be seen in the industry. The vehicles are relevant and the companies are reputable.

We asked John what his top three features of our freight exchange platform are:
1) The ability to input multiple loads very easily without having to repeat everything. This means a lot of time saved.
2) The freight alerts work well so you don't have to always go into the site and search for loads, as new relevant loads are sent to you.
3) Generally, the site is very easy to use again making it less time consuming.

Returnloads has helped Blue Whale Logistics establish a reputation and gain recognition from work they have completed with other Returnloads members. Working with other reputable hauliers also using Returnloads has helped build a good rapport in the market by gaining reviews and feedback along the way. They’ve established connections and built new relationships within a competitive market thanks to our freight exchange.

We asked John if he would recommend Returnloads to another haulage company. “Yes, I would, and I’ve already recommended the site to others. Returnloads has made life easier. We know who we are dealing with, and companies now know who we are when we call about a load. It’s an easy way to be seen in the industry and build new partnerships.”

Are you a new haulage business or struggling to get your name known in the industry? Returnloads can help. Contact a member of our team today to see how we can help you.