Frost Transport Solutions

Find out how Returnloads has helped Frost Transport Solutions start it's business.

Chris has only just started operating his own trucks as Frost Transport Solutions Ltd and is already seeing the benefits of being a member of Returnloads.

Find out how has helped Chris start his business.

What frustrations did you face before joining Returnloads?

  • Very difficult to 'get into' companies to find haulage work. Returnloads now opens the door.
  • Unsure where to look to find haulage work.
  • Work I was previously looking at was only one way so Returnloads has helped fill the gaps on back journeys.
How did you do things previously before becoming a member
I didn't, I have only recently started running my own trucks.

What was the one thing that made you decide you needed
It sold itself well on Google and seemed a reasonable investment at under £40 a month.


Work I was previously looking at was only one-way, so Returnloads has helped fill the gaps on back journeys.

What, in your opinion, are the top 3 features of our haulage exchange platform?
1) Always up to date, it's great how hauliers and freight forwarders keep the exchange current.
2) Very well laid out, the load and vehicle search results are very clear not like some grid formats which send you to sleep.
3) The search tools work really well, everything just fits together!

What specific problem or issue did Returnloads help you with?
It makes being able to find haulage work and back loads easy.

Would you recommend Returnloads?
Yes, definitely... but not to too many people or everyone will be on it!

What is the single biggest reason you would recommend Returnloads?
The volume of haulage work that is available on Returnloads and it's usability.