Frost Transport Solutions

Find out how Returnloads has helped Frost Transport Solutions start it's business.

Chris Frost, Managing Director of Frost Transport Solutions, started using Returnloads as he started operating his own trucks. It didn’t take long to start seeing the benefits of being a member of our freight exchange.
When Chris first started the company, one of the main difficulties as a newly developed haulage company was knowing where to find the work to fill his vehicles. “Work I was previously looking at was only one way, so Returnloads helped me fill the gaps on back journeys.” As well as helping Frost eliminate their empty miles, Returnloads has opened up more doors for work opportunities that they weren’t previously exposed to within the market.

Without having prior experience in running his own haulage company, Chris come to Returnloads straight away to raise his business profile within the competitive market. Returnloads has helped Frost build his company from the ground up by giving him access to thousands of loads available daily, and thousands of hauliers across the UK.


Work I was previously looking at was only one-way, so Returnloads has helped fill the gaps on back journeys.

We asked Chris what the top 3 features of our platform are:
1) Always up to date, it's great how hauliers and freight forwarders keep the exchange current.
2) Very well laid out, the load and vehicle search results are very clear not like some grid formats which send you to sleep.
3) The search tools work really well, everything just fits together!

“Since joining Returnloads, finding haulage work and backloads is so much easier than I would’ve thought. We’d definitely recommend Returnloads, the volume of that was is available and it’s usability are second to none.”

Whether you’re starting your haulage company like Chris Frost, or have a wealth of experience in the industry – Returnloads can help you boost your efficiency with out network of hauliers and plethora of loads.
If you’re facing similar issues to Frost Transport, get in touch with a member of our team and we’d be happy to help you