D & K Transport Solutions

Find out how Returnloads has helped D & K Transport Solutions grow their business.

 D & K Transport Solutions provide transport, distribution and warehousing services throughout the UK and Europe with emphasis on quality allied to performance. The biggest issue D & K faced was trying to right the right subcontractor to take their additional work. The freight forwarders move anything from a parcel or pallet, to full load, 26 pallet jobs. 

Before joining Returnloads, Dave Smith told us that as a company they were struggling to advertise their loads, couldn’t find subcontractors to cover their loads that were driving a range of different vehicles. “Before we had access to thousands of hauliers at our fingertips, we would send bulk emails out to a list of haulage contacts we knew in the industry – this was time consuming and we were never sure of having the right person in the business to contact. One of the main reasons we decided to join and further recommend Returnloads is that it’s helped us build new relationships with suppliers, in hand helping us sell our loads easier.”


The biggest reason we would recommend Returnloads is that it helps us sell our loads and find suppliers to build new relationships with.

Returnloads helped bridge the gap they were experiencing in terms of expanding their network, with having access to over 2,500+ hauliers in the industry across a wide range of sectors, this gave D&K the ability to easily advertise their loads to the right companies, to help find their perfect transport partner.

We asked Dave what the top 3 features of our platform are:
1) The choice of hauliers available
2) The credibility of the available hauliers
3) The wide range of areas and locations that are covered

“We’d recommend Returnloads, without a doubt. We’ve been able to solve the main problem we were facing in our business. We’ve expanded our network and we can easily sell our loads which is exactly what we needed from a platform like this.”

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