A Norfolk-based haulage start-up has experienced rapid business growth after finding a way to reduce its empty running by up to 90 per cent.

Baxter’s Transport Ltd, a growing general haulage company, was set up in 2019. After the shock of the pandemic in 2020, it has thrived, growing to a three-vehicle, three-trailer fleet and employs two drivers.
Barry Baxter, owner at Baxter’s Transport Ltd, still drives one of his vehicles – and he is delighted with the growth his company has seen.

“In April 2020, we picked up no business whatsoever due to the shock of the pandemic in the industry, but it only lasted for a month – after that, we started to pick up business quite quickly and I’ve been able to increase my fleet,” he said.

To fuel his company’s growth, Barry turned to Returnloads to help find jobs – with a particular focus on reducing empty running costs. Returnloads is a haulage exchange platform that helps hauliers find HGV loads, grow their network and also find subcontractors to cover excess work.

Barry said using Returnloads has helped him to mitigate some of the pressure caused by the pandemic, the platform has helped him to scale the business more quickly, and makes his week-ahead planning easier.

He added: “The Returnloads software pays for itself if you just get one job. I’d say nine times out of ten now we are able to source a job for the return home journey. This means planning for upcoming jobs is less stressful because I know the trips, and available haulage space, are being fully utilised.

“This means we’re spending less money on wasted fuel and profiting from almost every mile that we drive.”

He said the advantages didn’t stop there – he has been able to expand his network of hauliers and quickly build his reputation in the industry, increasing his chances of picking up further work in the future.
“As a business, we’ve focused on building a good rapport and relationships with other haulage companies on the platform, so I now frequently win work from them, too.”

Michele Tedaldi from Returnloads said improving the efficiency – and profitability – of the hauliers was of paramount importance against a backdrop of driver shortages and fuel costs.

Michele said: “We want to give hauliers of all sizes the tools to make the most of their resources. This means reducing empty journeys and making sure they are able to plan effectively and secure extra work when they need it.

“The industry has seen a lot of small haulage companies come into existence over the past three years and we can help to drive their growth and profits, while we can also help larger hauliers, too, by making sure subcontracting work is easier than ever so they need never turn work away.”

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