Red Dog Transport

Find out why Red Dog Transport chose Returnloads as their freight exchange

Red Dog Transport is an East Midlands based, privately operated, logistics company that provide quality transport services. They have a committed, professional traffic management team with more than 30 years’ experience within the industry. Red Dog Transport pride themselves on providing a complete, transparent, quality service and look to develop long term relationships with their customers.

They manage a large fleet of vehicles and can provide distribution services throughout the UK, Ireland, and the Channel Islands.

We asked Lee why he choose Returnloads for Red Dog Transport. “We wanted to use an online freight exchange as soon as we started Red Dog Transport and a way, we could operate completely digital through the exchange and email. Returnloads had the members and the loads that we were looking for and the rates were very favourable when compared to other haulage exchanges.”


The rates are very favourable when compared to other haulage exchanges.

We asked Lee what the top 3 features of our platform are:

1) The rates are great
2) It’s simple and easy to use
3) The exposure it gives you in the market

As a young company, it was part of Red Dog’s mission to build up trust within the industry. There are some big companies as members on Returnloads so it was a great opportunity for Red Dog to start expanding their network and making more connections in the industry. Lee mentioned, “the fact that they can see us working, helps us to build our reputation. Members can also see the positive reviews and feedback we have received from completed jobs. So, we’re already building up our reputation in the market.”

The exposure Returnloads has given Red Dog Transport has helped the business grow from a young company to a trusted partner in the market. Need to start making the same growth as Red Dog Transport has? Get in touch with a member of our team and we’d be happy to help you.