Formation Freight Services

Find out how Returnloads have helped Formation Freight Services increase their network of contacts.

Formation Freight Services are a Southampton based shipping agent that has been established since 2001. They offer a comprehensive and personal service for all UK logistical needs and requirements. Their services include LCL & FCL transport, warehousing and custom clearance. 

Find out how has helped Formation Freight Services grow their business and increase their network of industry contacts.

What frustrations were you facing before joining Returnloads?

  • Having to run empty vehicles as could only find limited backloads
  • Having a lack of contacts in certain delivery areas to find backloads
  • Taking such a long time ringing around to find hauliers to cover loads
How did you do things before becoming a member Returnloads?
We wasted endless hours each day calling around trying to match loads to hauliers that had vehicles free. We didn’t have an extensive list of contacts to call to get backloads from around the country.  It was very time consuming and was not always possible to find loads or hauliers.

What was the one thing that made you decide you needed Returnloads?
We found Returnloads suitable for our business as it concentrates on the larger vehicles unlike some other haulage exchanges we tried where the majority of loads were for smaller vehicles and vans.
We also found it very user friendly and it was easy to find the loads we needed and to place our loads to be sub-contracted out.

We just didn’t have the contacts around the country we needed, until we joined

What, in your opinion, are the top 3 features of our haulage exchange platform?
1) The ease of use is a great feature, it's quick and easy to use and not too complex
2) The vehicles are suitable to our business
3) The ability to see the availble loads within a 50 mile radius as this allows us to pick up loads along the way

What specific problem did Returnloads help to resolve? 
Finding available backloads for larger haulage vehicles and loads for specific areas which previously took too long. We just didn’t have the contacts around the country we needed until we joined Returnloads.

Would you recommend
Yes we would definitely recommend Returnloads. We have great results from the site with regards to getting backloads for our vehicles which means we don’t run empty. This of course has financial gains.  Also the time it saves us means we can concentrate on other areas which helps with the smooth running of the business.

What is the single biggest reason you would recommend
The ease of use and the functionality of the site. It allows you to build a network of contacts around the country and always has backloads for our type of vehicles