Formation Freight Services

Find out how Returnloads have helped Formation Freight Services increase their network of contacts.

Formation Freight Services are a Southampton based shipping agent that has been established since 2001. They offer a comprehensive and personal service for all UK logistical needs and requirements. Their services include LCL & FCL transport, warehousing and custom clearance. 

Read the story on how Returnloads has helped Formation Freight Services grow their business and increase their network of industry contacts.

We spoke to Chris Winbourne, Company Director at Formation Freight to find out what their biggest frustrations they were facing before joining Returnloads. “Finding backloads without access to a network of hauliers was limited and difficult, we couldn’t always find the right back load for the right journey, and it didn’t help with the lack of contacts in the industry. We were spending too much time ringing hauliers to see if they could cover loads. Our priority was to run the business more efficiently.”

It’s common as starting out in haulage, hours of each day will be spent calling haulage companies to see if there is any available work to pick up or empty vehicle space, but trying to fit this around the work already booked and where vehicles would be located can be incredibly difficult. “We didn’t have an extensive list of contacts to call to get backloads from around the country.  It was time consuming and was not always possible to find loads or hauliers.”

We just didn’t have the contacts around the country we needed, until we joined

We asked Chris what the top 3 features of our haulage exchange platform are:

1) The ease of use is a great feature, it's quick and easy to use and not too complex
2) The vehicles are suitable to our business
3) The ability to see the availble loads within a 50 mile radius as this allows us to pick up loads along the way

Finding available backloads for larger haulage vehicles and loads for specific areas is now a 5 minute job for Formation Freight. With hauliers up and down the country, you can easily find work wherever you are.

Returnloads specialises in subcontracted HGV work and has a range of different HGV transport companies, so this was the perfect platform for Formation Freight to build their network and easily advertise any excess work. If you face similar problems to Formation Freight then get in touch with the team today to see how Returnloads can help your haulage business.