Rowlinson Timber

Find out how Returnloads have helped Rowlinson Timber find the vehicles they need and make good quality contacts.

Rowlinson Timber are a family-owned company established in 1926. A significant UK distributor, stockist & wholesaler of imported goods. With a passion for timber trading, combined with dynamic forward thinking are the core drivers of their success.

Before joining Returnloads, as a successful and busy haulage business, Rowlinson Timber struggled to find the right vehicles that could take on their excess haulage loads. As with many large haulage businesses, time was wasted attempting to find new and trustworthy transport partners with suitable vehicles to take on excess work. At the time, they didn’t have enough contacts in the market to find transport partners within good time.

We asked Tom Killingsworth, distribution supervisor, what made them choose Returnloads. “We knew other companies in the industry were using Returnloads and saw that it would be useful to our business. It meant we could easily find the vehicles we needed, and it also gave us great money saving opportunities.”


Returnloads has given us the opportunity to make good quality contacts that we can rely on

We wanted to know the top 3 features of Returnloads Rownlinson Timber rated the most. Returnloads helped Rowlinson easily advertise their excess work and learn from other haulage businesses in the market on how to run their business as efficient as possible. They also used Returnloads to gauge how busy it was at the time of needing to get their loads covered, this helped them pre-empt the rates and forward plan.

Returnloads enabled Rowlinson to create new relationships and connections in the haulage industry. They now work with good quality, reliable contacts and have also seen huge time and cost savings. “We would definitely recommend Returnloads. It is so easy to use, it saves us time, money and helps us stay in close contact with the industry.”

If you’re struggling to get your loads covered, why not see how using a digital freight exchange like Returnloads can help your business. Contact a member of our team today to find out more.