Revolution Transport

Find out how Returnloads have helped Revolution Transport fill their empty vehicles.

Revolution Transport was set up as a haulage provider.  With years of experience in the logistics industry and as a dangerous good advisor, Revolution focusses on service and aim to be a reliable business partner to all customers. They offer full load, part load, same day and next day delivery services. With a range of vehicles to choose from, they can cover just about anything you could need.

We asked Mel at Revolution Transport what their biggest challenges they faced as a business. Having empty vehicles on return journeys was driving their empty running costs up, as it was becoming increasingly difficult to find the right back loads in the right areas, meaning profits margins on completed jobs were becoming thin. Revolution Transport desperately needed reliable hauliers they could trust to take on additional work that their own fleet couldn’t manage.

 “We wasted many hours each day phoning around trying to match loads to hauliers that had available vehicles. Although we have a good subcontracting base it was still very time consuming and not always possible to find loads in the right areas. Returnloads has helped us grow our network and gives us peace of mind our loads are in safe hands with trusted subcontractors.”

Another reason for choosing Returnloads was previous experience using the platform at another company. It was an easy decision for Revolution to make because of this, they felt the business would benefit greatly from the number of loads placed on the site and the new connections they could gain from around the UK.


The best thing about Returnloads is all the features are under one roof

We asked Mel what the top 3 features of our haulage exchange platform are. “It would be difficult to pick just 3 good features as the best thing about Returnloads is all the features are under one roof. We utilise all the features whether we are placing loads of excess work or searching for loads for the empty vehicles.  We also list our empty vehicles and receive alerts about loads as they are placed. It really is the whole package.”

Returnloads helped eliminate running our vehicles empty or at half capacity, this helped save paying for fuel for empty miles meaning Revolution were benefitting from the bigger profit margin from jobs.

“We’d certainly recommend Returnloads. The two main areas in which we see the benefit of using Returnloads would be the new business connections which allows our business to strengthen and grow. We are happy with the contacts we make from the site and the site appears to attract and encourage reputable companies.”

If you’re like Revolution and need to cut back on your empty running costs, get in touch with a member of our team to see how we can help you today.