Gregory Distribution Ltd

Find out how Returnloads has helped Gregory Distribution with their business.

 Gregory Distribution is a nationwide company that was established in 1919, running for over 100 years, they have assured quality throughout their years of commercial service with creative solutions and the innovative use of business systems and technology. They are geared towards delivering customers’ commercial success.

Prior to implementing the Returnloads platform, Gregory Distribution had difficulty finding haulage companies to cover their excess loads. Like a lot of haulage companies, Gregory’s used a list of contacts they had collated from previous jobs to advertise their own work, this was massively time consuming as over 250 emails were being sent every day.

Gregory’s needed to change the way they worked, their goal was to target a bigger base of potential transport partners in different industries, but also take less time to do so. But how did they achieve this? 

We interviewed Paul Gregori to find out why they decided to use our freight exchange. “We joined Returnloads to reach out to a much larger network, with more industry contacts to cover vehicle spaces and the movement of goods, trading becomes much easier.”


Thanks to Returnloads, we are able to post any additional work and have it covered in-time with ease.

We asked Paul what the top three features of Returnloads are. “Returnloads is so easy to use and very accessible, even if you aren’t experienced with computers. There’s a clear and concise structure on the website, with a step-by-step method to search for loads/vehicles. We’ve had good responses from other members on the website, who are easily contacted from their profile on Returnloads.”

“With Returnloads we can reach a wider client base and make more contacts for our firm than ever before within the haulage industry. The site has really helped us covering extra work when the need arose.”

Expand your network of hauliers and get your loads covered in time like Gregory Distribution with the help of Returnloads. Contact a member of our team today to find out more.