Hallam Express

Find out how Returnloads have helped Hallam Express with their business.

 Hallam Express are a haulage business that transport a variety of goods including multi-drop deliveries in commercial, high street and domestic environments. They mainly offer general haulage, but also have arctic curtain siders.

Before joining Returnloads, Hallam Express had great difficulty finding transport partners to cover their excess loads, historically ringing a short list of contacts to see if there was any availability. Not only was this time consuming, but it also wasn’t the most cost-effective way of working.

Returnloads was recommended to Andy Bond, transport planner at Hallam Express, by one of their haulage contacts who had similar issues with getting their loads covered. We asked Andy what his top three features of the platform are.

Returnloads has been immensely useful and has helped during the busier periods of the year.

Andy mentioned, “the website is very simple to use, and it isn’t over-complicated. The visibility of loads has been great and very easy to access. Thanks to Returnloads we’ve had the opportunity to deal with very well-established customers across the country. The platform has also enabled us to determine a good knowledge of the rates of pay and get an idea of what kind of rates are available through the website.”

We asked Andy if he’d recommend Returnloads to another haulage business and why. “We would definitely recommend Returnloads. The site has helped us during the busier periods of the year, it’s a great site to have access to during those busy periods and the loads sell. Returnloads has been immensely useful and a great investment.”

If you’re struggling to get your loads covered like Hallam Express, why not see how using a digital freight exchange like Returnloads can help your business. Contact a member of our team today to find out more.