Hallam Express

Find out how Returnloads have helped Hallam Express with their business.

 Hallam Express are a locally run business that cater the movement of goods for various types of customers, assuring quality service when handling goods across the UK and Europe. They handle multi-drop deliveries in commercial, high street and domestic environments. They mainly offer general haulage, but they also have arctic curtain siders.

Find out how Returnloads.net has helped Hallam Express with their business.

What frustrations did you face before joining Returnloads?

  • We’ve had difficulty while searching for back loads for return journeys in the past, which Returnloads was able to cover us for.
 How did you find hauliers for your loads previously before becoming a member Returnloads?
  • By using a list of known contacts who we would contact regarding jobs, which took a lot of our time. Thanks to Returnloads we can post any additional work directly to the site.

Returnloads has been immensely useful and has helped during the busier periods of the year.

What was the one thing that made you decide you needed Returnloads?

  • The site was recommended to us by a contact of ours from the haulage industry who had a similar problem with covering back loads
What, in your opinion, are the top 3 features of our haulage exchange platform?
  1. The website is very simple to use and it isn’t over-elaborate.  The visibility of loads has been great and very easy to access.
  2. Thanks to Returnloads we’ve had the opportunity to deal with very well established customers across the country.
  3. Easy to establish a good knowledge of the rates of pay and get an idea of what kind of rates are available through the website.
Would you recommend Returnloads?
Yes, we’ve really benefited from using the site to cover extra work and make more contacts than we’ve ever had to move loads all thanks to the site.

What is the single biggest reason you would recommend Returnloads?
The site has helped us during the busier periods of the year, it’s a great site to have access to during those busy periods and the loads sell. Returnloads has been immensely useful